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  • 2014 Session Wrap Up
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    John Ewy’s 2014 Session Wrap-up May 9, 2014 The Kansas Legislators returned to Topeka on April 30 for the Veto Session. Three days later, a little after 2:00 AM Saturday morning, we adjourned making it the shortest session in more than 40 years. The 2014 session lasted a total of 79 days. We did save the state some needed money, but I would have liked to have had the opportunity to spend a little more time on the supplemental budget for the fiscal year’s 2014 and 2015 that provides funding for state agencies. I also felt the original education bill, which the House of Representatives sent to the Senate, was a good bill for the most of our Western Kansas schools, but when it came back it had changed drastically and more time should have been used on it. I hoped to see our state employees get a 1.5% raise,…
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  • 2014 Week 12 Update
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    Hello once again. As you read this Capitol report, the State Legislature is in recess until April 30, the first day of the Veto Session. As this newsletter was being sent out on Friday, April 4, there were many bills in both the house and senate Chambers.  Please call Legislative Research at 785-296-3181 or log on to www.kslegislature.org/KLRD   if you are wanted to check on the status of a particular bill.    The education funding bill was also being worked. Please contact Legislative Research for the latest information. On Thursday, many of us from the Legislature, including Governor Brownback attended the funeral of Diane Thimesch, wife of my office mate, Representative Jack Thimesch of Cunningham. The funeral was at Diane’s Church that she grew up in, The Saint Peter Catholic Church of Willowdale, Kansas, located just a few miles southeast of Cunningham.  Diane fought…
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  • 2014 Week 09 Update
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    The Kansas Supreme Court released their decision regarding school finance on March 7th. The long awaited decision, commonly referred to as the “Gannon Decision”, was not nearly as dramatic as some had feared but will still present a number of challenges to our state. The decision resolved several issues and also directs further consideration of one issue at the trial court level. Essentially the court determined that two categories of school funding are at an unconstitutional level of funding and must be resolved prior to July 1st.  This portion of the decision relates to equity in funding. Our school finance formula contemplates a process of equalization so that relatively poor school districts have the same or substantially similar educational opportunity through a similar tax effort as those districts with greater wealth. In essence, the process of equalization seeks to level the playing field relating to the ability of a…
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  • 2014 Week 10 Update
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    On Thursday, a very important long-time coming Autism bill, HB 2764, passed in House of Representatives. After many sessions of work, this bill concerning an insurance mandate to provide coverage in the State of Kansas to include coverage for autism spectrum disorder, specifically,  Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy was overwhelmingly passed by the House.   The bill establishes the criteria for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder as well as the licensure requirement for those that administer ABA therapy. 1,300 hours per year of intensive ABA therapy is provided for the first 4 years after diagnosis up to age 5. After the initial 4 years of intensive therapy the bill provides for 520 hours per year up to age of 12. ABA therapy is a growing and effective treatment prescribed for children diagnosed with autism. If provided at an early age at an intensive level (35-30 hours per…
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  • 2014 Week 11 Update
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    Hello, Once again from the Capitol.  We will be out of session Thursday and Friday, 27th and 28th, returning on March 31.  A proposition to amend article 15 of the constitution of the state of Kansas by adding a new section authorizing the legislature to permit the conduct of charitable raffles by nonprofit organizations passed the House of Representatives.     The proposition to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas will be submitted to the qualified electors of the state for their approval or rejection. Article 15 of the constitution of the state of Kansas is hereby amended by adding a new section thereto to read as follows:  “Regulations of “raffles” authorized. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 3 of article 15 of the constitution of the state of Kansas, the legislature may authorize the licensing, conduct and regulation of charitable raffles by nonprofit…
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Kansas House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources

Events Relating to the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Kansas Legislature
  • Sponsored by committee: SB147 - House Substitute for SB 147 by Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources – Amending the powers and duties of the Kansas department of agriculture division of conservation and the state conservation commission.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2030 - Creating deer hunting permits for injured combat veterans.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2031 - Distribution of sales and use tax revenue; funding streams to the state water plan fund.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2049 - Kansas department of agriculture; increasing certain fees and eliminating sunsets on various program fees.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2050 - Agriculture; agricultural chemical registration; pesticide business liability insurance; repeal of the Kansas agricultural liming materials act.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2051 - Substitute HB 2051 by Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources--Amending provisions relating to dams, obstructions, streams and water flex accounts and transfer permits.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2090 - Establishing the Kansas equine education and promotion board.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2121 - Imposing well spacing requirements for future points of diversion of water.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2171 - Establishing agreed local management areas.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2202 - Providing automatic relief from certain motor carrier restrictions upon the governor's declaration of emergency.

Kansas House Committee on Education

Events Relating to the House Committee on Education of the Kansas Legislature
  • Sponsored by committee: SB22 - House Substitute for SB 22 by Committee on Education - Enacting the corporate education tax credit scholarship program act.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2221 - Enacting the equal access act; school employees; professional employees organization.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2222 - School districts; bullying policies.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2232 - Providing professional liability insurance to teachers.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2248 - Providing authority for a school district to adopt an extracurricular school activities budget.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2261 - Authorizing the expenditure of unencumbered balances held by school district; removing the cap for contingency reserve fund.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2263 - Enacting the school district special needs scholarship program.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2264 - School districts; capital improvements.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2265 - Requiring 65% of state moneys received by school districts to be expended for instruction.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2282 - Establishing the personal financial literacy incentive program.

Kansas House Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Events Relating to the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs of the Kansas Legislature
  • Sponsored by committee: SB226 - House Substitute for SB 226 by Committee on Federal and State Affairs -- Fireworks; regulation thereof.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2002 - Substitute for HB 2002 by Committee on Federal and State Affairs -- Legislative post audit; financial and security audits.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2033 - Concerning the regulation of knives.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2036 - Uniform consumer credit code and payday loans.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2037 - Public property; religious displays; other displays.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2038 - Voter identification requirement.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2052 - Discharging a firearm inside or into a city; unlawful acts; exceptions.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2053 - Amendments pertaining to the board of technical professions.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2054 - Community defense act; sexually oriented businesses.
  • Sponsored by committee: HB2055 - Personal and Family Protection Act; public buildings; adequate security.

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    John Ewy was born and raised in Hodgeman County, KS. John is an instructor at the Dodge City Community College, and serves as director of the USD 227 Recreation Program. John Ewy also servers as Chaplain for the Jetmore Sons of the American Legion, and Chair of the Hodgeman County Republican Party. John and his wife, Marsha, reside in Jetmore where they raised their five children and attend the Jetmore United Methodist Church.

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